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Below is a brief summary of the services provided by us in some of our main areas of practice.

The legal experience described in this point is not in detail; it is just an example of the wide scope of our practice and legal resources.

Business counsel; incorporation of commercial companies, subsidiaries, branches and affiliates within the national territory and abroad; mergers and acquisitions.

Counsel on banking and financial matters, foreign investment, bank discounts, insurance, factoring, leasing.

In Peru, there are currently no exchange restrictions and interest rates are governed by the average interest rate in the market. There is no restriction on capital transactions and remittances, and the tax legislation has been significantly simplified.

Counsel on commercial issues, international trade, project financing or acquisition of capital goods, know-how, license, franchise agreements, among others.
Counsel on Intellectual Property Law comprising Industrial Law and Copyright Law and Related Laws (trademarks, patents, commercial names, etc.)
Counsel on labor and administrative law, execution of conditional employment agreements with national and foreign workers, labor proceedings and collective employment relations.
Comprehensive counsel on matters related to Foreign Investment according to the legal provisions on Private Investment Promotion and Promotion of Investment in Infrastructure and Legal Stability Agreements, as well as on Joint Venture Agreements.
Counsel on Community Law, the Andean Community of Nations and, in particular, the organization and incorporation of Andean Multinational Companies.