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Peru is nowadays one of the most important countries in South America for foreign investment. Situated in the South Pacific, it has a territory of One millon, two hundred eigthy five thousand, two hundred sixteen kilometers., and, together with Argentina and Brazil, is one of the largest countries in South America.

Peru has an amazing geography distributed in eight regions, which have many beautiful beaches, generous valleys for crops, large deserts, a large and exotic jungle and finally, the majestic Andean Highlands.

According to the 1993 census, Peru has about 25 millions inhabitants and more than 65% of them live in urban areas.

The Peruvian economy is one of the few economies that has undergone deep changes in such a short period.

Social stability and pacification have allowed our country to reintegrate into the international financial world, thus generating an appropriate framework for national and foreign investments.

The main reforms made guarantee non-discrimination between local and foreign capitals. Likewise, they guarantee the right to the repatriation of capitals, dividends and royalties for the use and transfer of technology, with no prior approval, once the taxes have been paid.

The legislation allows the free circulation of foreign currency at exchange rates and interests freely fixed in the market.

The banking, financial and insurance institutions are presently facing up the challenge of operating in an open and competitive market economy.

On the other hand, the privatization of government-owned companies and the creation of Private Pension Funds have given fresh impetus to the stock exchange and have made Lima one of the most profitable Stock Exchanges in Latin America.

Likewise, it should be stressed that our new General Corporations’ Act (Act No. 26887) is in full force and effect since January 01, 1998. Said rule introduces a regulatory framework adjusted to the needs of the business market taking into consideration the economy globalization, that is, it is aimed, within the new doctrines on corporate matters, at providing the companies with a much more practical and quick structure, which we are convinced will contribute with them to be more competitive in the national and international economy.

Peña, Lozano, Faura & Asociados, Abogados-Consultores, has highly qualified and specialized professionals in the investment area. The constant professional updating of its members allows it to provide specific counsel on the interpretation and application of the rules governing investments in Peru.

In this context of a country with a growing trade, our experience and knowledge allow us to provide our clients with suitable counsel.

We hope that this presentation transmits the spirit of our firm, the mystic characterizing our practice and the capacity and suitability of our lawyers.

Our staff of professionals will be at your disposal at your request in order to determine which resources we may provide you for your legal needs.