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Peña, Lozano, Faura & Asociados, Abogados-Consultores, is an association of lawyers that was founded in November 1989 in the city of Lima, Peru.

During these years, our law firm’s position has taken definite shape in Peru and abroad as an important law firm. Out growth has been successful since our law firm has given a very good response to the increasing needs of our clients.

Our organization provides a wide range of specialized legal services under modern and innovative criteria, allowing us to reduce the risks arising from the economic, political and social circumstances that may go beyond legal aspects.

During these years, we have undertaken several cases, solving each of them with the same care and diligence.

We believe that no need is more important than another. Our mission is providing assistance to each client and for each case with no distinction whatsoever, giving the necessary support and help.

We answer legal inquiries to individuals, corporations and public and private institutions on a local, regional, national and international basis. We are active representatives, and defend the interests, of our clients in litigation.

In the same manner, we intervene as Legal Counsels by providing consulting and counsel services for development investments and projects. All this is based on the excellent qualities and ethics that have always characterized us.

During these years, we have developed a style based on efficiency, confidentiality and the achievement of results. Our philosophy of work is based on these concepts, which places our firm in an expectant position in respect to other law firms.

We continue growing as an organization. We expand our services to the extent our clients expand their interests. Thus, the areas of practice include Public Law, Private Law, Business Law, Banking and Finance Law, Commercial Law, Labor Law, Industrial Law, Mining Law, Fishing Law, Tax Law, International Law, Investment Law, Constitutional Law, Economic Law, Administrative Law, Transport Law, Civil Law, Law of Civil Procedure, Criminal Economic Law and Law of Criminal Procedure, Intellectual Property Law, which comprises Copyright Law, Trademark and Patent Law, and Competition Law.

We also provide legal counsel on private agreements, as well as on agreements executed by the State or its companies, such as national or international public biddings, public tenders, privatization processes and concessions, among others.

Our staff also provides specialized services, such as:

Legal counsel on investment projects financing.

Legal counsel on Community Law, Andean Community of Nations, and, in particular, the organization and incorporation of Andean Multinational Companies.

Study of property titles and legal counsel on investments in personal or real property and on collaterals on real and personal property for investments or credits.

Family law, divorces, legal protection of the minor, adoptions, etc.
Legal counsel on international trade.
Specialized counsel on tourism projects, casinos and lottery games.
Credit recovery.
Legal counsel on infrastructure and utility projects.
Conciliation and arbitration.
Concessions and privatization processes.