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There are other distinctive features allowing us to provide our clients with invaluable legal services:
  • Peña, Lozano, Faura & Asociados Abogados-Consultores is a member of an international organization of Law Firms, with partners in more than fifty countries, and has correspondents and strategic alliances with different International Law Offices. It has correspondents in the whole territory of the Republic of Peru.
  • Our group of lawyers undertakes each case entrusted to it with a proactive attitude. We prepare our strategies carefully, keep appropriate control and provide suitable protection to our clients’ interests.
  • Our objective is minimizing the time a proceeding may take; for this purpose, we contribute our experience upon analyzing the potential risks and the income related to any of the cases of a client, and we strive to obtain results on time and at the lowest cost.
  • We take an aggressive approach to each of the cases and always show our willpower to win.
  • In our Law Firm, we use English, German and Spanish.
  • Many of our lawyers are recognized authorities in their areas of legal practice and are leaders in professional and academic organizations, both national and foreign.
  • The recognized and solvent professional career and the wide labor experience of the lawyers forming part of our firm allow us to be one of the few organizations providing legal services that is actually able to provide legal counsel on the different areas of Law.